Saturday, July 25, 2009

Theres nothing left in this heart to borrow..

Hey guys, I havent been updating my blog in a long time dy... cause im not allowed to use the comp on weekdays.. =S

Okay, so, Monday.. Monday... Monday.....Nisa was absent?? and....well, nothing much happened...

Tuesday, Went to the chapel in the morning as usual,had maths presentation.. my group did it two weeks ago.. which sucked.. But Amelia and Spencer's group was presenting it on Tuesday... amelia's group gave us papers which are shaped with different type of triangles... Spencer's group was I think the best.. They acted.. which had not enough time so they skipped some... and I didnt get to see it!! GAH!!

Wednesday, went to CF... played a game, "who, what, huh" More people came to CF... Was raining during the morning.. the teachers went meeting.. had no assembly.. stay in class... abviously the prefects will scold us for being too noisy.. == missed the eclipse yea... thats about it...

Thursday, WEnt chapel in the morning... listen to Mdm's boring advice and everything.. line up, go back to class.. duhh...

Friday, Missed chapel cause of the contacts.. prize giving thingy.. *Congratz to gee keat..*
During Civiks, had some kind of acting thingy.. my group was, Sze huey, Win nie and me..
I was the goat, Win nie was the tiger, Sze huey to the kancil!!!
Win nie was goat abusing me... =( WEll, Had games!!!! * I suspected it would rain so I didnt bring my racket.. so, Nat borrowed kenny's racket... and I didnt have any *stares at hao yi*
So I went around asking people for extra racket *makes me sound like a begger =(
At last, Peggy borrowed me one!! YAY!!! Thank GAWD!!!
After break, when we were lining up to go up, one of the Sirs made the form 1's stay back... so we did... then, he said that we were TOO noisy!! cause we're facing the office, the office can hear your noise!! then, I asked somebody whether from the form 5 class can hear the form 1's.. he said yea.. == We're too noisy!! But we're FUN!!!!
During C & S, my club, Lidra had a general knowledge quiz.. obviously the other group won laa.

On Saturday which is today, I had to wake up at 6:30 and follow my mom to Qi gong.. at first I didnt know what its about.. then I went, and most of them were old folks.. and they did...

Lalala~~~ I did the beginning part and started playing badminton with juan.. Juan got angry, was so bored.. == until now, I'm blogging!!

Well, tonight's trey's birthday dinner!! Gonna have so much fun!! I remember his last birthday dinner... *sighh.... so yummy!!!
But my other cousins are gonna watch harry potter without me.. =( anway, I watched it with my friends dy!! Hah!! In ur face!! LOL
And Me and HY is going to nex gen as usual... then, at 5, we're going to LOUD 09!!! WOOT!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

PGL school concert

My school's concert's theme this is was PUteri Gunung Ledang
It was held on 17th and 18th of Jully. I was involve in the dance, Di puncak Tertinggi. My pic is in the school concert's book!! Whoop- dee -doo!!

Oh well, on SAturday, I went out with some awesome people!! WOOT!!
Had fun...
Bought jellybeans in jellybean world!!
Watch harrypotter!!!!! YAY!!! Awesome show!!! Lame ending.. =S

iServe badge!!!


Ary's cili padi!!

Ary "stoning"

NEVER read this book!!

Form 1 Weslians 2009 ROCKS!!!

Our dressing room

That friggin phone keeps apearing!! GAH!!!

Nat, Eunice and Me....
*NAT is soooo cute!!!! ^^

Madam Ros's 2nd station

Joshua the hantu!! *women screaming in backgound

Me and suetty!!!
* I stoled this from her blog... XP
Girl's dressing room and joshua's hanging our place.... wakkaka

Madam Ros's station

Madam Sim's station

Yes, Janelle looks weird and cheeky.. tsk tsk

yes, Petrina was being tortured..

Friday, July 10, 2009

School Life...

Sighh... sorry guys for not updating my blog...== I'm not allowed to use the comp during weekdays..

Well, Monday was PTC for form 1's... My mom came at 11:50, brought me home at 12:15..!! WOOT!! Had more time relaxing...

On tuesday, was the PTC for form 2's... since during PTC, we had sooo much free period man!! after lunch, we were FREE!!!

So, rachel CHUI being hyper as always, ran to almost every class and the prefects had to chase her... XP

Well, a few of us were playing truth or dare.... Spencer and those people were so mean... they made girls tell guys weird stuff and made guys tell girls weird stuff... ==
Then, the prefects scolded us for being noisy and we started using people's nike bottles to spray "JIA HAN" and jia han sprayed me... == ishh...

Well, then, WEdnesday was PTC for form 3's... was so dang bored... Had KH and BM lessons... BM double period somemore!! SHYTE!! Then, Jellybean world ran out of credit on Saturday night.... so hard to comunicate now... the only way I can comunicate with him is In my DREAMS cause he's made up!!! WHEE!!! He's JW from my imaginary world!! see, even Sze Huey knows that he's made up ... ^^
WEll, I saw him dancing like MJ on Wednesday during his duty... more like, TRYING to dance like MJ... muahhahha

on thursday was the form 4's PTC... had concert practice as usual... nike bottle fight.. AGAIN....XP during BM lesson, madam robiah was in the hall, so, we just went to our class... I was looking out the window like I always do.. suddenly, a maid puching the trolley with coffee and newspaper past by... suddenly, Yu shen came and said, " oh, look, COfFEE!!! NEWSPaPER!!!"
I was staring at him... and said, Yu shen, OH MY GAWD!!! She's so dang hawt rythe?!?! OH MY GAWD!! What are you doing!?!? go chase after her!!! see, even mr. LOW IS!!!!! OH MY GAWD!!!!
Yu shen started staring at me... and said, Oh ur're right!! She's kinda cute... ^^ OH MY GAWd, IM JUST kidding!!!
Then, yesterday, some of us were talking... then, they were talking about harry potter... so, me and AMelia planed to organise and outing before the concert to go watch harry potter...
Well, last time me and hao yi tried to organise something... It failed anyway...
this time, me and amelia!! AWESOME!! we make an awesome pair to organise something!! LOL
I was like.. shouting!! I said " EVERYBODY SHUT UP" *still talking....

Friday, we had concert practice for almost the whole day man!!
Madam: WAN JIA!!!
WAn Jia: Yes??
Madam: SMILE!!!
Wan Jia: =( okay... sighh....


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Smelly Cat, smelly cat, It's not your fault..

I'm just continuing Hao Yi's post tittle..

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Join Plurk People!!! I'm awesome!! Seriously!! see that colourful box over there?? click join plurk!!! or to MY profile and to join!!! *helps both people!! I get karma like that!! LOL

I'm The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. to "Di Puncak Tertinggi" Awsome song.. quite catchy..

I was The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. chicken rice with cousins... Yummy!!! The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. All Awesome friends!!!

I The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. his phone will get fixed again.. =D

I know somebody Is in

Lol... Okay... the pics on this post are mostly from plurk... LOl so, Join Plurk!!! oh, some of you guys might know that I send you guys a message about plurk... so, Join plurk to help me and help you!!! see, in one shot, u can save both!! ^^ how awesome is that!!

Anyway, hao yi said some people said that I look better in contacts.... I need your opinion...

This is how I look with contacts..

And without contacts.. but this one's a bit blur.. =

Soo?? what'd ya think?? ^^

Friday, July 3, 2009


School has been normal.. tiring...Yea...
Well, Monday's concert practice... normal, in class practicing....
Tuesday, "
Wednesday's concert practice was at hall, concert practice, act 1 and 2....
Thursday's concert practice was normal, in class but one of our cheorgrapher's friend came and changed alot... ==
Friday was full dress rehersal, without the costume.. just all the acts performs together...
Missed games.. AGAIN...

Well, Monday, I forced Spud, potato to join plurk or give the whole class mentos... =D
* He's so dang generous wei!! owes so many people mentos!! XP
On tuesday, we had just normal laa... nothing much.. but the best was English set 2 lesson!!! WOOT!!! Mdm Herbert, as usual, lets us FREE!!! So, obviously, Shaafiq, Amirul, Zhao Wang and all will be doing their daily job, Jumping up and down... playing... ^^
we were telling stories which Im not so sure which one... theres just too much!!
Then, I saw Hao Wei, He was staring at Way Hinn and way hinn was staring at him, touching his hair.. I was like.. WHAT!??!@.@

Oh, our class has like.. 5 or 6 bottles of the nike bottles.. as in those which can shoot here and there... the bottles belongs to, Janelle, Nisa, Shaafiq, Amelia, and one more person I think.. I forgotten who... ~~
WEdnesday.. Me and nisa planned to watch a movie on sunday.. XP
and yea... I dont think nisa and me are ever gonna organise it cause we havent started talking about it.. ==

Toady's concert practice was quite funny... the guy, kar jin was holding the "fake" parang made by the props people... and we was suppose to kill raja ahmad who is lying down on a board... he stabed the table with the parang thing and the thing broke!! the props people were like.. " GASP!! NOO!!!" Kar jin said, "oops, sorry...!!~~" ==

Now the pics!!

I knew this would happen!!! ==

Pumbaa is SOO CUTE!!!!!

EEE!!! So nice and fluffy!!! Xoxo


Obviously she's scared!!

Yes, I look horrible and I was making his eyes pop out!! See it?? ^^ XP

Its so cute!!!!

Hao Zhe... with hao zhe, and ethan, and lucas, Our plates are empty!! realized that plate in front!!

Steph and uncle David

Hi Yiyi!! Caught you this time!! ^^