Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Best time of my life ;)
Adam Lambert FTW :)

 TeeHee X)
P.A. Mascott ;)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jar of hearts

 Chandler :DDD

 Rawrr ;)

My Besties :)
Gonna add on more later on :D

Seriously loving this :)


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beautiful Ecstacy :)


Seriously missing that place :(

Ok, So I realized I havent been updating much about my Events :P
So Ill Sumarize it for ya ;)
Last Week, Steph and jon stayed over.
Victoria's Birthday :)

Two Weeks Ago, F.I.S.H Camp ;)

Went along with some friends :)

Was Really Hyper..

Wayy too Hyper. 
Took a journey through the woods, 
Saw Monkeys Mating
Tee Hee X)
Ps. Hou Wei is sho Awesome.
Imma telling everyone that ;)

I realized this is our only picture that I have of only the two of us together :)

Awesome Group shot of us :)

Had UN Day :)

Went for Wesley Cluedo :)

With my Awesome Group ;)

Hosted a jap, Yuri Last Year :D
Wonder how she's doing now. 
Hopefully she didnt Kena the Tsunami thingy.. :(

A Really really sad story on how the Balloon Bursted.. :P 

The BEST Camwhoring Buddy you could ever have ;)
Awesome friend


Besties :)

Last day of school with Indians and chinese Stripper :P

Went Tanjung Sepat with Cuzzies ;)

Retard # 1

Retards :D

Nex Gen Resurgence Camp :)

Sent Denz off.

Rawwrrr :)

Found out that this shirt was a song :)
A Really nice song, Actually....

Anyways, Exams are over, Feeling more Relieved, When over to Christi's place just now :)
her Shih Tsu Was shoo Freaking Cutee weiyhh
Wanted to Babysit Twinkle ;)
Daddy wouldnt allow me to get a Puppy :(
I friggin want one weiyhh :(
Yeah, Christi went back home.. :(
Imma be all alone during tuitions now..

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sorry I havent been updating  :P

Anyways, I've got a test coming up soon. *fingers Crossed*  
wish me luck :)

Went over to Win nie's Place on Monday 
For Some Comp Project.
Wanted to order Pizza for dinner :)
But cooked and made a huge mess in the place

Ciaoo :)
wish me Luck for my test :D