Thursday, May 12, 2011

How long do I have to wait?
Until you open your eyes and realize what’s right here in front of you? Do I have to scream it in your face about how much you’re hurting me? How many times do I have to cry until you figure out just how much I’m trying for you? Do you need to see proof like the bruises and battle scars I’ve acquired throughout this entire relationship, just so you can see how hard I’m fighting for you? For us? How long must I be gone for you to notice? For you to even miss me? How far do I have to run until you chase after me?? How many times must I fall until you realize I’m in love with you? How far do I have to climb to reach you!?
.. I’m waiting for you. I’m giving my all to you.. I’m sitting here, crying my heart out in agony and pain, waiting for you to just open your eyes. Stop looking for love when I’m right here in front of you. Giving it to you on a silver platter. Please..
How long must I wait until you see, that I could be the one for you.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Im still here :)

<3  Im Still here.

Sports day :) 

My Bands <3
I Just pray that you would Stay :)

Red hairs are sho Awesome ;)

The Loudest I've ever Screamed,
Adam's concert ;)
My only concert so far :D
my First <3

The Second loudest I've ever screamed is on Saturday, during Sports day,
When mdm Chia declared Monday a FRiggiin HOLIDAY <3

Woahhh "For your entertainment" music video is sexifying ;) ;) 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hopefully Ill have the guts to do it next time ;) 
At Least just a Temp one will do :P 

The View from the Bball court at the Market :)

Looks Familiar? ;) 
Awesome Design, As usual ;D


The View from the Stadium on wednesday :)

The View I was staring at while mummy was packing rice :D

 while I was enjoying myself with a Kfc Cookies and Cream Krusher :DD
Not as good as I thought it would be :(

Wms :D 
Editted into some haunted mansion 
TeeHee X)

Monday, April 4, 2011

I can hear ur heartbeat. <3
Im Sorry I Left.

Macaroons <3
I seriously have to try one. 
No Matter what, One day,
Even if I have to ask Lin Han to make it for me ;)

<3 My Love :DDD

One of the Sweetest story I've read :DDD

My First Rose <3
The Feeling was the Best :D

Saturday, April 2, 2011

What The Hell

Rawwrrr ;)

Changed Tuition groups :S
Screwed up timetable now Ughh...

The Shirt :D
The Camera :(

<3 Awhhh :)


Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Best time of my life ;)
Adam Lambert FTW :)

 TeeHee X)
P.A. Mascott ;)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jar of hearts

 Chandler :DDD

 Rawrr ;)

My Besties :)
Gonna add on more later on :D

Seriously loving this :)


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beautiful Ecstacy :)


Seriously missing that place :(

Ok, So I realized I havent been updating much about my Events :P
So Ill Sumarize it for ya ;)
Last Week, Steph and jon stayed over.
Victoria's Birthday :)

Two Weeks Ago, F.I.S.H Camp ;)

Went along with some friends :)

Was Really Hyper..

Wayy too Hyper. 
Took a journey through the woods, 
Saw Monkeys Mating
Tee Hee X)
Ps. Hou Wei is sho Awesome.
Imma telling everyone that ;)

I realized this is our only picture that I have of only the two of us together :)

Awesome Group shot of us :)

Had UN Day :)

Went for Wesley Cluedo :)

With my Awesome Group ;)

Hosted a jap, Yuri Last Year :D
Wonder how she's doing now. 
Hopefully she didnt Kena the Tsunami thingy.. :(

A Really really sad story on how the Balloon Bursted.. :P 

The BEST Camwhoring Buddy you could ever have ;)
Awesome friend


Besties :)

Last day of school with Indians and chinese Stripper :P

Went Tanjung Sepat with Cuzzies ;)

Retard # 1

Retards :D

Nex Gen Resurgence Camp :)

Sent Denz off.

Rawwrrr :)