Sunday, June 27, 2010

Love Showed the Way

The Paradise Band Concert was AWESOME!!!!
Janelle, Janet, Jackson Came!!!
Praise the lord they came!!! :))))

Re Nee and Janet bought Their CD..
I was kinda lazy so I just stood there assuming some one who give it to me for free...
Owhh well X)
I guess I expected too much.. >.< LoL

Anyways, their Songs, ONE & Love Showed the Way is AWESOME!!!! :D
Found their Website :)  Visit Their Website
So cool, I'm advertising for them :P

Jaye Liubinskas

The Band :)


And I have no Idea who that is... >.<

And the Basist has a Malaysian Girlfriend!!! :DDDD
" Why do you love Malaysia?"

" I love the food.."
"I love Char Siew Pau"
"I love Ice Kacang"
" I love SHOPPING"
" Yes, I love the food, And most importantly, I have a Malaysian Girlfriend" :P
" I love the Hospitality here"

The Electric Guitarist Love Shopping and went to Petaling Street and bought a watch.. LOL

Anyways, I went out for Alter Call, Saved by the Lord :)
Jumped Up and Down and Screaming like MAD MADDDD MADDDDDD :)
I think I lost my voice >.<

Jackson accepted Christ into his life :) Praise the Lord!
Wait, Was he originally a Christian...?? *coughh*

Well, Moving On, Anyways, I found these pics on Fb :)

the Band :)

Pastor :)

The Lead Singer :)

Well, Yea, Summarising it all, IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You people should've Came!!! :D
You People who didnt come Missed this awesome event!! :P

" Facebook,  I just Found out Last Week who was in a relationship and who broke up, 
Thats just the Worst place to tell EVERYBODY you broken up with someone >.< LOL
Then, people keep poking me, WHAT IS THAT?!??!! LOL "

" Love came down from Heaven to earth, 
God In Person Walked among us,
Who would hear,
And who would see,
The things he did on earth would change Eternity,
No Greater love was seen, 
You gave your life for me,
Love Revealed Love, 
Hope Revealed Hope,
Freedom gave so we would know the ways,
Death was broken, 
When the tomb was open, 
And all the world Would Know Love, 
Love showed the Way, 
Love showed the Way.." :) 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

For Good

Hey guys, Gosh, It's been a long time since i've updated huhh... :P 
Well, Had Jia Han's "suprise" party :P 
We were all in the room and jia han came in, 

*Ignores* *walks in* 

Owwwhhh kaaayyyy..... lets just go swim!!! :P

Well, Last Saturday, me and my family went... *gosh it sounds like im telling a story >.<
Anyways, Well, we went to the 27th Kiwanis Treasure hunt :)
Well, we had to decorate our car with stickers :D

Isnt it pwweeetttyyy :) 
*Serious Treasure Hunters at work*
Ohh I love that :P

Mommy insisted that we took a family pic :S We all woke up at around 5 Goshhh 


Mommy and Daddy :)

We were all dead tired....

VERY tired.. :P

After the Hunt, we went to Secret Resipi for lunch :P
Wanted to eat someting local but there was NO shop -.-

Juanny had pasta :) Yummmaayyy 

Juanny and me 

Mom was so obsessed of taking a family pic... 

Beautiful Sceneries from our room in Tasik Kenyir :)

The BEST people you will Ever meet  :) 

Our vid Cam :D

Paper Mache Making :)

Yea, i was wearing the tiger mask :)

And, Mommy insited on ANOTHER family pic..:s

The Scenery from the Lobby :)

And mommy insited on.. sighhh ANOTHER picture... 

Well, I got bored, saw people eating ice cream, Explored the place,

" Pa, Borrow me 10 bucks!!"
" Something"
*gives money*
*comes back with ice cream*


the Best people ever!! Wait, Wheres mike kor?? :P

Oohhh there he is!!! :P

Mike Kor :D

Errr.. I had no idea what that uncle's name was.. :S 
Well, Its his dslr :D

Our Table!!


Probosis Monkey, Albi

Tiger :)

Our performance :D

Oh, And we played that :P

And Bingo!!! :D
Gosh I was so looking forward for that laptop :(

Well, Anyways, We went to Gem Island :D

Daddy and Mommy 

This actually kinda made me laugh :P 
"Di atas" 
It'll drop from the sky!!! :D


there was this turtle conservation :)

Turtle eggs :)
Plus, the rooms has NAMES!!! :P

Pyrite?? whats that!! :P

*coughhh* I think we found the culprit :P

Ok, Im VERY sure he did it :D

Well, on the way back on the boat, 
you can NEVER be too carefull...

VERY careful :P

I guess Ethan was kinda scared about the boat ride and so he slept :P

We got down the boat and found two tiny kittens in the dustbin :(
Poor thing :(

Hopefully they're ok :)

Well, Uncle Chee recomended us to some shop to eat :)

The Ice Kacang was PINK!!!!!!







Lekko, the BEST  thing  FOOD  EVEERRR

I guess My sister's type of music does NOT suit juanny :P

Well, we went to fly a kite...

Uncle Glenn "This is what happens, little kids Gets excited cause they wanna play kite, Their parents buy them a kite for 30 bucks and they play it, the kite just stays in the air, and then, you get bored... "

I flied that Eagle :)

The Best Part was, when we came back to Dungun, we Stayed in aunt *****'s uncle's hotel, Hotel ****

Well, It was a budget hotel, so we paid 70 bucks for that family room  LOL
Practically, the towel CANT even wrapped our whole body -.-
the Blanket can Barely cover your body and it was friggin COLD :P

Well, My sis played Kudos..
She wounldnt let me play :(

Theres that 70 bucks room :)

Owwhh well, At least there was an aircond haha

And.. Well, Lesley's... CRAZY Laugh :P

and laugh....

and laugh....

And her... Well, Crazy dance :S

Cha cha cha :)

Gosh you would NOT believe my reaction :S

Well, Uncle Chee's Reconmended Nasi Lemak 
it was AWESOMMEEE :)

Lesley ate two plate of nasi lemak :P

My nails are dark purple :P


Three sisters :)


Kids :D

Uncle Glenn was busy on the phone.. and his work...

THIS?? goshhh The Parents woke up early at 7 to go to the MARKET to buy.. a FISH -.-
my and My older sis couldnt wake up :S

Juanny Played Congkak with Lesley in uncle chee's house the whole time LOL

Ohhh well, This trip was.. AWESOME :)
I Loved it :)
Though I really wanna stay in Tanjung Jara!!! LOL
Well, we had some tiny, fun service in church just now :)


John J

John James 



boon hoe

Ohhh They look like their auditioning for some performance :P

then we went to pizza hut for lunch :)
we had like 6 pans of Pizzas :P

Well, ITs midnight now, Last night for staiyng up late.. Sighh.. Nights..