Saturday, December 25, 2010

To you <3

Craving for it at the moment ;)





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The Best Present I could EVER Get :P


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I Love that Style :)

Just run away from these lies 

Just got back from Church camp :)
Was in Charge of  photos, 
So I borrowed Re Nee's Camera during the camp :D

Had an Awesome time there :)
Pastor Victor was Awesome. 

Anyways, Had a Christmas party in my house yesterday :)

Christmas Presents...

Our Awesome Ipad :D

Bathroom Slippers!! :P

Well, We Video chatted with Steph This Morning around 12 :P
And she said Jon looks like some professor with his specs... 
So I exchanged my specs with his,
and He Apparently looked better.

Then I forgotten to give it back to him before he left.. :S 
So now Im stuck with his Specs.
How Awesome is THAT :P
Im stuck with His Nerdy specs now :P 

Bought that bouncy star  :D 

Emma also wished you all Merry Christmas :D

My Cacat-ed phone :(

Rawwrrr :)

First time Wearing this Necklace was during Adam Lambert's concert ;)
FTW <3 

My New Best Friends :)

Guitar ;)

Watched Tron Legacy :D

got a Free Yoyo :D
It lights up :P

My Old friend :(

My Christmas Accesories Stand ;)

Memories Stand :D

Havent used any yet ;P

Worm Book mark :)
I Love it!! :D

Junks in my room ;P

My Ob Best Friends who SAved me ;P

Juanny's bedroom slipper ;P

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Living in a lonely world

Holidays has been a bore to me Ever since I came back from OB.
And to tell the truth, Ob Made this Holiday the Best :)
I've met so many awesome people,
I've learnt so many things,
The way my malay friends speak in Malay Makes me wanna speak Malay XP

If my parents would allow me to go Next year to Ob, 
I Would 100% GO :)
Without doubt ;)
Goshh, I miss the times I had there <3

Gonna miss the first YAC26 Gathering Cause Im going for Church Camp :(
Feel like spending New Years with them, 
Since I dont normally do anything during new years,
Its my parent's Aniversary anyways,
Might as well Leave them alone ;P

This Seriously Made my day ;P

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

After all we been through

Rawwwrr  ;)
Got back from OBS.
Had an Awesome time there <3
Wouldnt mind going back there again.

Had the Awesome-est Intructor anybody could ever get ;P
Afendy :D

* He still owes me Ice Cream ;)*

Wouldnt mind getting Izzat though,
Just that He's kinda scary :S

Capsize King? ;P

Package Deal ;P
Solo Camping...

Why I love the Intructors?

Posers :P

But Izzat looks like a freaking bondan when he wears his Head Socks :P
First I saw him wearing it, I Laughed like Crap  XP

But he's an Awesome guy,   I guess :)
Just Really Scary....

And Yes, I Graduated ;)

Ledang <3

Fendy Jealous ;)

Lembing :P

Sean :)
Awesome guy, Pity that I only started talking to him on the last day :(

Me, Hepzi And Sara :)

And I wondered what happened to the Quiet Time ;P

It was NOT good :(
Felt like vomiting after eating it... :S


Me and Emily :)

Me and Zhi Coon :)

Ledang Spirit 
Auyahhh ;)

Went to school just now to buy the books :)

Gonna have a pair of Baju Kurung next year for school ;)
Anybody care to join me? XP

Anyways, Went Full House for Lunch just now. 
Awesome place :)