Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good Vibrations

Hey Guys, Well so, I had class today so I skipped church.. :(
Well, then I went to Pav with Kenny, Jo Yee and Amelia and watched Despicable me :D


*Agnes, The little girl was Ssshhhhooooooo CUUUUTTEEEEE

* Spoilers *>.<

The Girl in the middle 

Hahahha She Just really reminds me of Juanny :)
" Can you read us a bed time story?"
"Can you tuck me into Bed???"
"Can I have a goodnight Kiss?"

These Things are the Cutest thing EVER!!!! XP

*Spoiler Ends* XP

Well, Yea, I went to the concert Last night without tickets

Went straight to 2C and wanted to Suprise some of them ;P

Jackson, Jo yee and Me :)

My Awesome Monitor :)
He just reminded me of Charlie Chaplin...
Just without the hat

Jia han, Jo Yee, Nicole And Me :)

Next Show Im Targetting, 

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

apparently its really really good :)

No Wait, I wanna watch Toy Story!!!! :D

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Flower Drum Song :)

Went to the Concert Just now :)
It was Awesome!!!

Planed to suprise Everbody :P
And I did, For some :S

Well, I got the concert Booklet,
Went around asking people,
ME " You wanna buy the concert booklet for 5 bucks??"
Jia han, Hou Wei:  " FAIL!!! FAIL!!!"
After 5 FAILED attempts, 
I went up to Ryan, 
Me" You wanna buy the concert booklet for 10 bucks?!?!?"
Hou wei: Its 5 Bucks!! no wait, ITS FREE!!"
Ryan: Lemme see!!
Me: 10 BUCK!!!

Somewhere over the rainbow :)

Hey Guys I Customized My blog :)
Comment on the Chat box and Tell me what you think ;)

Well, Havent really been updating my blog about what I did.. Loads of pics Piling up..
Well, To Summarize It,  

Went To the Paradise band Concert :) 
Went With, Yi Xin, Re nee, Harry, Janet, Jackson, & Janelle :)

Had Fun There :)

No, I did NOT buy the Disc ;P
Was Lazy to Line up...
Owhh well, I just borrowed Re Nee's And I.. Well... 
Yeeaahhh.... Dont reall think I should say it..
Owhh well, Moving On!!! :P

Denzil took my Camera and started Camwhoring :P

And Hao Zhe Joined in XP

Went out for Dinner with Family :)
Told Ya my Family's CLOSe Like SUPER SUPER Close :)
We see each other Almost Everyday day!!
Cause some of us Goes to the SAME School and church :)

Bought a Dress :)
And yes, Yi Xin, Im So Sorry I betrayed you ;P

Had Fun with " The Popular Minority" :)
Took Their Pictures and all :)
Most of it is on Muhaimin's DSLR :D

Yeahh... There were alot of... Animals... :P

Yeeaa... too Much.... 

WAyyyyyy too much ;)

Well, After that, I got soo Tired, I just went back to my room and lied on the bed and slept :P

I was sleeping so Soundly and Happily Dreaming...
Untill My mom woke me up cause of Harry and Lenix. XP

Anyways, Monday, Tuesday, And Friday, I didnt go to school....
So yea, I only went on Wednesday and thursday :P

And you know, the BESt thing was, 
on Wednesday when I came back to school,
Madam Herbert: Hello Wan Jia, What happened to you On Monday and Tuesday??
Me: Errmmm.... Oh, I Had Flu, Sore throat and Slight fever :)
Madam Herbert: Well, you shouldnt have come today also!!!
Me: Oh Yea!!! Its So boring Laa!!!! 

HAHAHAHHAHA EVEN MADAM AGREED That I Shoudnt have Come to school!!! XD

Well, on Thursday, Went to school,
Early Morning, I ran up the stairs, Like I do ever Morning in school >.<
Well, I FELL!!!! :(

Well, I think it doesnt really look that scary in that pic.. .>.<
But It Really Does!!! LOL

Anyways, Told you I got My Mojo Back!! :P

I Finished Reading Potrait of Lies in School during concert prac :)
Its An awesome book!!! :D

Well, then I saw this book, In My sis's room...

Read it a little bit and I got bored of it LOL
So Yea, I'm not gonna finish it now :P

OH!!! My sis bought Two books for me the other day, though i had to pay for it :(

Well, This is is AWESOME!!!
And Its really really sweet :)
I guess Its a PG 14 Book LOL

Well, Last night I got so bored, I decided to read this book,
I read the Beginning :)
Sounds AWesome!!! LOL

Yes, this book :P
I read It in the book store, And I thought It was Really really nice.. :D

I Started reading ' Can you keep a secret'
And I found it boring :P

See my And Pui Yee's convo about  it :D

Anyways, Gosh, I missed the Prac thingy in Church this morning :(
The Last Time I went was kinda fun :D

Monday, July 19, 2010

For your Entertainment :)

Im Not gonna go to school tmw AGain :P
Forget I even said that ;)

Anyways, Iskandar Baked Brownies today :D 
It was AWESOME!!!!!! 

And Its My sister's best friend, SuFiz's Birthday...
So, some of us chased him around the whole house throwing flour at him >.<
And he got scared and ran in his car :P

Anyways, I got bored...
So I decided to Upload all the pictures from my phone...
So Its Kinda blur...

Well, on our Trip in Gem Island, 
the Chef gave a compliment for us :D

Though the Whip Cream just made it tasteless.. But owhh well, 
Better Than nothing :P

Daddy and Uncle Glenn Caught like more than 5 Sharks :D
Uncle Glenn caught it and Allowed me to play with it *Torture it*
Owhh well, The Shark went back to the sea safely anyways... No Harm to it *wink wink* XP

Well, my sister made her specialty for us :)
It was Yummmaaaayyyyy!!!!
I was lazy to get my camera so I just took it with my phone ;)

During Emma's Party :)
Victoria is Just Soooooo CuUUUTTEEEEE!!!!!! :D

Gummy Sweets in my grandparent's house :D
I just took it to TEMPT PUI YEE ;)

CNY Open house at one of my neighbour's house :)
Look at the Wa Lai Toii :P
Some little Kid cried when he stood in front of the kid :P

The Lion Dance thing....

some weird Ash Tray 

Oh, and this was the time Uncle TJ Allowed me to drink Shandy
Uncle Tj " When you're out with me, You'll sure enjoy one!!!" 

Pumbaa :)

Lesley and Ashleigh are such posers :P

Well, She isnt... >.<

Anyways, Went to BTS with older Sister for clothes shopping  :)
Went to this shop, Sister took like a bunch of dresses for my to try on....
before going into the dressing room, I saw this sign, 

Owhh well, then I remember all those Girls taking pics of dress and stuffs like that in the dressing room...


Well, I bought this Dress.. :) 
For Formal Occasions...
Dont really have any dresses actually :P

though this One's quite nice :)

Well, yea, YOu cant see the dress, 
thats the whole point Of me using my phone :P
I was just trying to break the rules..
My gosh... 
How would they know is Someone is in the dressing room breaking the rules by TAKING pics? XP

And This whole Post Ends with, 

Jo Yee's Amazing Flower Drawing :)


Posted at the Form 1 Block :P

Well, Evo Night's coming up Next Friday!! :)
 Last year's Coco Night was kinda fun....

What About this Year?? Hmmm....

Anyways, Yesterday In church, Amelia, Kah Yee, Jo Yee, Jackson, Jonas, Re Nee, Hao Yi, Yi Xin & Me 
WEnt for service...
After that, We walked to Giant to eat KFC...
Had fun sitting and laughing and staring at jonas and Jo Yee :P
While the others sit on the other table...

After that, we played Captainball :)
Me, Jo Yee and Hao Yi managed to be on the same group :D
It was Really Fun :)
REally Enjoyed it...
Well, Hope that they'll come back to our church again next week!!! :)

And Yes, I'm at home now while ALMOST everybody's in school now!! :P

*Im Still Really really really Crazy about Adam lambert's life and all...
Its so interesting...
Watched Opera Just now with Adam Lambert :)
Adam Lambert " These are basically what I do with my life, I Eat and I Shop" :P**

Saturday, July 17, 2010

If I Had YOU

God doesn't require us to succeed; he only requires that you try. 

This Quote had taught me Lots.
I Dont have to be good, as long as I try.....

Sometimes I wonder why people have to pretend to be someone they're Not
When the real person inside of them is something good...


TeeHee ;)

My Friends are Just AWESOME :)

We're Crazy Together :)

We Make mistakes together :P

SOME of us even imitate MJ but ended up being a penguin :D

We Act Craaazzaaayyy in people's house :P

Tooo Crazyy.....

Untill someone tries to get out of the house ;)


Sum up my week, 

The guy who sits beside me, Khye Jhun,
He's getting boring to sit with :( Havent talked to him in like...a... LONGGGG Lonngggg Time :S

On Friday, I was having a terrible Flu, sore throat and stomach ache in school...
Goshhh It was horrible...

Pui Yee, Yi Xin, Win Nie, JANELLE Are ALL Sick :(
Except Amelia LoL

Counselling on friday was AWESOME :P

Thursday, Pui Yee was Absent, 
Yi Xin was Absent on Wednesday and thursday....

So, Me, amelia, and win nie & Janelle were all ALONE :0

During Concert Prac, was really bored,
Went over to M with Yu Shen, and Cendy..
Helped Clean up Yu Shen's Bag
 and Locker :D
He should Thank me :P
That Pretty much sums up everything 

WEll, Tmw, Sunday, Goshhh
WE're gonna have Captainball :D

So far, Re Nee, Yi Xin, Me, Hao Yi, JANET, JACKSON, Amelia & Jo Yee can make it :)
* Picturing the image when pastor calls the first comers to stand up :DDDDD *

Owhh well, Wish us Luck!!! :P

 *From New York to LA getting high rock n' rollin 
Get a room trash it up 'til it's ten in the morning 
Girls in stripper heels, boys rolling in Maseratis 
What they need in this world is some love X)  *

Goshhh I'm in a Adam Lambert Craze Now!!! :P