Friday, June 26, 2009

So bored...

MJ passed away.. =(

Micheal Jackson. Pop King.

*I stoled this pic from Spud's blog cause I was lazy to upload it.. ^^

*Eww... what an ugly face!!!*^^

On the Sad morning of June 25, 2009 Michael Jackson was discovered collapsed at his rental home in Los Angeles. 911 emergency services responded promptly at 12:21 pm Pacific time arriving at 12:30 pm to find Michael unconscious and not breathing. He was rushed to the UCLA Medical Center and after a brief slip into a coma Michael was pronounced dead at 2:26pm; the cause reported as cardiac arrest. THE Los Angeles Police Department has opened an investigation and an autopsy is scheduled for Friday, June 26, 2009.

Michael lived a very colourful life and during a short 50 years he made an indelible mark on the planet Earth. Whether or not you are a fan there is nobody who can deny his impact and the memory of him which will persist in all of us indefinitely. Spread the word of Michael Jackson's legacy and make sure everyone will always remember.

*copied this from facebook*

Well, anyway, theres still Adam Lambert!!! Kimberly's so called hot gay guy...XP ^^

Adam Lambert can sing Black and White soo GOOD!!!

* moment of silence for him... *cricket cricket* I SAID SHH!!!!*

OKAY!!! did anyody hear richard read this morning on hitz. fm!?!??! OMG!!! he sounds so gay every morning!!! but I like hearing his voice.. I dono why.. its very interesting.. he can talk so FAST!!!

WEll, concert practice, sighh... was absent today.. didnt know some of the steps...
Well, mr. PEA nesh and Esther was absent today... Amirul and Shaafiq went for sembayang... so we had to start without them.. ==
For the first part, my partner was Amirul... then, the second part was shaafiq... Ishhh.... and I forgotten to bring my scalf today.. so I had to borrow eunice's... PINK!!! Pink!!! didnt I tell you I hate pink!!! GOSH!!! I will never forget to bring my scaf now!!! GAWD!!!!

* Jia Han, You owe me a bar of mentos!!!! I posted it on ur blog!!! just in case you forget, I'll write it here too!!! LAWL XP ^^ muahahha

Thursday, June 25, 2009

School Days..~~

School has been awesome recently.. =) I'm glad I'm enjoying it.. except fro Bm classes.. =S
Well, on Monday, Madam Noraini divided us into 8 groups... I was in the 2nd group, with Pui Yee, Kok Leong, Nikk and Natalie Ng tsin yi...
Well, Pui Yee and Nikk suplies the candies, Kok leong supplies the questions and Nat did the presentation slide...
after she did it, I brought it home to customize it and to double check it...
I opened it, it was ok... just that she did something wrong.. So I had to cancel everything and do it again... Yeash...
At least now I'm feeling grateful that Hao Yi taught me that last year.. =)
Well, after assembly on Monday, Mr. Naresh called us down to take the class photo... it went well.. until... the sun came out pula!! during the candid part, all of us wasn't prepared and just simply did something... but some of us wanted to JUMP!!
See, the sun came out and made our face yellow.. so, WE had to retake the pic on Wednesday!! me and Janelle was telling all the girls to jump so that we'll block the boys.. Then, during the candid part, they didnt jump!! only Me, natalie ng yen wei, Pui Yee and Azlina Jumped!! and behind us, "Mr. PEA NEASH" and spencer and shaafiq they all kept shouting " HOI!! you blocked our pose!!" LOL WEll, On tuesday, Madam Norita asked us to bring plastercine and beads fro our art... after art, I still had some left over seeds... so, during geo lesson, which was free period, Nisa, Janelle , Pui Yee and Me started throwing beads at the ONLY two boys that sat in our row.. tsk tsk.. pity them.. Then, Hao Wei, Thasheena, Nat ng yen wei, Maisarah, Spencer and Azlina joined us!! WOOT!!! We had bead fight!! which madam hamsiah didnt see... we were like.. OMG!! is she deaf and blind!! haha

Well, concert practice is awesome!! better than just sitting in the class doing nothing.. ==

first, my partner was shaafiq, then, joshua, then, shaafiq, and now, Amirul... Ishh... why can't the teacher make up her mind!! Well, at least amirul is better than the rest of them...

On tuesday, Madam herbert came is and divided us into group, we were allowed to write any type of stories and present it to the class.. so, we started writing... after that, Shaafiq came out first to present his group's story... It goes like this, Wesley methodist school was a good school, untill they were terrorized. they used mathematical instruments as a weapon. they reported to the principal, Mr PEA NASH about the terrorisism in the school, the principle named the school, WEsley mafia school. The End.. Well, this isnt exactly the story.... its just bits of the story...

On wednesday, we had concert rehersal... our cheographer didnt come.. sad... =( but we tried our dance on stage so many times cause we lost count... ==

Last night, I went to clinic cause I had flu, cough and sore throat... before that I had a slight fever.. then, when I went there, the doctor said I have no fever YET.. so it might be a normal seasoning flu.. *thank GAWD*!!! well, the doctor ask my dad to observe whether I have fever.... Just in case... o.O
Well, I skipped school today... =( I wasnt feeling well, I was on MC... today was suppose to be fun!! but I might get scolded tomorrow.. cause, I was suppose to bring cardboard today for maths... so, sarah might scold me tomorrow... yikes... Amirul might scold me too... cause he had to dance with no partner yesterday.. =S
plus, I skipped PJK lesson!!!! ARGH!!
I woke up at like.. 10:30 today!! during PJK lesson, after break.. haha
well, SOOO SORRY guys!!!! I'M sooo sorry for not coming today!!! sorry!!!! I'm sorry Pui Yee, nobody follow you out just now!!! SOrry!!!! I'll be back tomorrow!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Co-co night

Well, yesterday was co-co night. Went to school as normally... finished school earlier.. at about 12..
From 10:30 onwards, we had FREE PERIOD!! WOOT!!! WEll, Nat Ng Tsin yi and me didnt have anything to do... was bored... no homework.. so, we went over to the other class and saw the guys playing football and asked sarah to asked madam whether she need help for the lidra props... So, we helped.. was fun... looking at them act... =) Then, at 12, my uncle picked me up... and brought us to Mc D for lunch. then, we picked juanny up...==
Went back, swam for a while... waited for my uncle to come at about 3:30... then, picked up ethan and then school.. again... for c-co night..
Opening ceromony was weird but fun..XP

The scouts getting ready..
*Sze Huey& yu Shen

The lane where the so called "VIP" and madam matthews, who accompanied her down the lane...

Ribbon Cutting

The ballon that couldn't make up his mind about going up or down...
and our school captain, russel tried to do his "magic" and make the balloon go up.. ^^

Opening Ceremony...

The girl's Brigade's Hand painting.. FREE!!! XP

*didnt take the choir... =(

Co-co fusion!!!
*caught Ashwin!!! the wannabe detective ^^*

Lionel, Kristie and Jason *LAWL*

Spencer and Nikk Dance mat showdown!!! both also got D!!! WHat le ni!!!

Nikk's Comp club shirt.. Spencer with his scouts uniform.. ==

Natalie Ng yen wei and Janelle!!
My two goodie friends!!!
With the chinese yoyo..

Dang tired.. spend the whole day almost in school.. =S
and I went back early cause I had tuition..
Err... This is how I look when I were contacts?? Yup, I wore them yesterday in school...
Everybody was suprised... wonder why...
I was looking out the window and suddenly Rose and sue wei pass by and waved.. then, they ran back and scared me and asked me whether I was wearing contacts.. ==

Ge waine!!!
My cute little singapore cousin!!!=)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mission Trip~~

Hey guys.. just got back from mission trip..
missin trip was awesome but tiring lehh...
but I had some serious fun!!

Boon hoe and jeremy posing for whole page of the magazine.. XP

Guess who?? =)
Pastor, He bully me.. XP

HAH!! caught reading Manga!!
*KEE AUN*!!!

Kee aun was the only one disturbing people while sleeping.. ==

Mission Trip pratice..

Poor justin... Tiada orang nak masuk dramanya.. =(

The PA system there.. Dang awesome wei!!!
awesome untill ben and boon hoe can sleep there... =)

Jeremy's base... Nice??

Justin being very active... Dance around the bus... XP

GAY??? Denz and BH!!! =D
*boon hoe, dont kill me..
*denz, I know you're very happy!! XP

So, thats all guys!!! have fun?? Last day of holidays!!
*congratz ben for finishing his project!!
you haven't slept in four days!!!
First day, busy with project i think...
Second day, busy with mission trip..
Thirth Day, couldnt sleep cause of bh and all...